Love Means Nothing to the GOP

Empathy is bad, at least as Republicans see it.  Laziness, moral failings and lack of self discipline are the causes of poverty.  Empathy leads to government programs that aim to “help” but instead create a cycle of entitlement, and dependence.  But Republicans seem to be missing the bigger picture, the parent emotion that leads to empathy, love.
It is love that starts in childhood that teaches us to care for others. But people are inherently bad and it is only through discipline and punishment that children learn self reliance. Too much love will result in weak, dependent, and entitled children. Love should only be given as the carrot, in conjunction with the stick to force our children to be tough enough for the Darwinian struggle that is life.
Love of our children can lead to striving to leave them a clean, healthy, environment that they somehow feel “entitled” to thereby robbing us of the full fruits of our labors in the here and now.
Love can lead to fiscal responsibility, paying the necessary taxes for the government services that we enjoy now, robbing us of our hard earned cash.
Love of our children can lead us to hesitate to project our military power around the world, which is a dangerous place that we must constantly be at war in to protect our interests.
Of course love has it’s place, between a man and a woman in the creation of the family.  The family is the basic unit (or squad) in the battle for survival in the world. In this unit each person has the others back. But as children age they must be pushed out of the nest to learn to fly or die trying.  Loving them too much teaches them they can rely on others, something that can get one killed in the battle for survival.
It is only through the withholding of love as well as empathy that we can eliminate poverty and make the world a better place.

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