Headlines for Romney’s first year

Headlines for Romney’s first year

November 8th 2012

Romney wins, tens of thousands of voters turned away at polls in key states, tea party big winner.

February 2013

Congress passes Romney’s 20% maximum tax rate, massive cuts to social “safety net” programs pass. Food stamps and Head Start eliminated. Education and EPA budgets cut by 60%.

May 2013

Cuts to defense budget blocked, Medicaid and Medicare changes proposed.  Unemployment nears 10% as hundreds of thousands of government workers fired.

June 2013

Massive voter resistance to cuts in Medicare lead to minor changes, means test blocked, Medicaid cut by 50% and changed to voucher system, now the states problem. Thousands of “Occupy America” marchers protest widespread hunger and unemployment.

August 2013

Revenues plunge with new tax rates and deficit soars, as laid off workers file for aid. Economy slips into deep recession. Unemployment reaches levels not seen since the great depression. Stock market plunges to new lows.

October 2013

Borrowing costs at record high as US may default on debt, again. Recession worsens, banks stop lending. Stock exchanges closed for two weeks with new limits set on trading. Congress fails to act, “moderate Republicans” revolt comes too late.

November 2013 

US attacks Iran, three day blitz may has only limited effect on hardened sites. Terrorist attacks on US troops overseas soar, hundreds dead. Mideast on the brink of war.

December 2013

US resorts to printing money to finance deficit as sale of US treasury notes drop sharply, inflation doubles overnight. Stock market “crashes” to lows not seen in 40 years. Gold investors get rich.

January 2014

Marshal law declared to stop rioting in the streets, detention camps opened for thousands of protesters.  “At least we get fed” new rallying cry. Second year of Romney’s terms begins.

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