Stop Preaching to the Choir, and Act Effectively.

A wonderful opportunity has presented itself.  The GOP has abandoned its usual winning formula of promising large tax cuts and unspecified spending cuts later (that never materialize).  This time they are specific about cuts to Medicare, a very popular program.  We have a golden opportunity today; it is time for YOU to stop preaching to the choir and act effectively.  Everyone needs to write a letter to the editor in their hometown newspaper.  Here is a copy of my letter to the editor.  Keep yours short, it is more likely to be published.

Privatization of Medicare with Vouchers Senseless:

The Romney/Ryan plan to privatize Medicare with vouchers makes no sense.  Medicare is one of the most successful government programs ever.  Medicare has an overhead of only 1.5% verses private insurances average overhead of 20-30%.  That means that 18.5 to 28.5 cents of every Romney/Ryan voucher dollar would be wasted on overhead.  Who in their right mind would want to privatize Medicare?


Use the words “privatize” and “vouchers”, they have very negative connotations and remind voters of exactly what this issue is about.

Bring up the fact that Medicare has very low overhead compared to private insurance.  The overhead percentage is debatable; I use “Barbara Boxer” figures of 20-30% for private insurance vs. 1.5% for Medicare.  If you are lucky you will get a response to your letter, attacking the percentages. This will reinforce your frame (by repetition) and keep the discussion on privatization and vouchers.

Never repeat their lies.  Simply ignore their claims of 700+ billion in cuts.  If forced dismissed it with “are we to believe that now suddenly Republicans are against cuts in spending?”

The G.O.P. is very vulnerable on this issue; it can cost them the election, even with their voter suppression laws intact. We must attack them effectively and mercilessly on this.

For more facts on Medicare overhead.

Also: 1.3 billion dollars in Affordable Care Act rebates for insurers that have over 20% overhead

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