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The GOP Hates Obama More than they Love America

Almost causing the US to default on its debt (2011), resulting in the first ever downgrading of US bonds. Forcing the government (2013) to shut down, costing billions of dollars and 120,000 jobs (see below). And now cutting off funding of the Department of Homeland Security, when we need it the most. The GOP, blinded by the fanatical hatred of our president that is spread every minute of every day by Fox and their ilk, damages the US once again. The US voted for Obama, twice, weather Fox likes it or not. The GOP hates Obama more than they love the USA.…/impacts-and-costs-government-sh…

Goebbel’s 5 Principals of Propaganda used by Fox “News”

Should anyone confuse Fox news for anything other than right wing propaganda here is a list of principals of propaganda (abstracted from Jowett & O’Donnell) .
1. Avoid abstract ideas – appeal to the emotions. (Obama hates America)
2. Constantly repeat just a few ideas. Use stereotyped phrases. (Obamacare, job creators, Obama is a socialist, etc.)
3. Give only one side of the argument. (watch Fox for 30 seconds)
4. Continuously criticize your opponents. (watch Fox for 30 seconds)
5. Pick out one special “enemy” for special vilification. (Obama, immigrants, the “Democrat” party, liberals, etc.)

Roger Ailes ( President of Fox News) is a known admirer of Goebbels’s book about the propaganda techniques the Nazis used.

The most effective “big lie” is the myth of liberal media bias. Any media that does not repeat conservative lies (Benghazi) , or at least give equal weight to them (climate change denial) is branded “leaning left”. Fox then portrays itself as simply “leaning right” instead of attempting to persuade it’s viewers of a particular viewpoint using propaganda techniques. The effect of activating emotional responses  makes the power of logic and reason diminished. (if you don’t believe the emotion of anger is activated every minute on Fox, ask any devote what they think of Obama). When you add that to the ability of any conflicting facts or news to be dismissed simply the result of “liberal media bias” your most devoted Fox viewers are like members of a cult when it comes to politics.