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The GOP Hates Obama More than they Love America

Almost causing the US to default on its debt (2011), resulting in the first ever downgrading of US bonds. Forcing the government (2013) to shut down, costing billions of dollars and 120,000 jobs (see below). And now cutting off funding of the Department of Homeland Security, when we need it the most. The GOP, blinded by the fanatical hatred of our president that is spread every minute of every day by Fox and their ilk, damages the US once again. The US voted for Obama, twice, weather Fox likes it or not. The GOP hates Obama more than they love the USA.…/impacts-and-costs-government-sh…

Goebbel’s 5 Principals of Propaganda used by Fox “News”

Should anyone confuse Fox news for anything other than right wing propaganda here is a list of principals of propaganda (abstracted from Jowett & O’Donnell) .
1. Avoid abstract ideas – appeal to the emotions. (Obama hates America)
2. Constantly repeat just a few ideas. Use stereotyped phrases. (Obamacare, job creators, Obama is a socialist, etc.)
3. Give only one side of the argument. (watch Fox for 30 seconds)
4. Continuously criticize your opponents. (watch Fox for 30 seconds)
5. Pick out one special “enemy” for special vilification. (Obama, immigrants, the “Democrat” party, liberals, etc.)

Roger Ailes ( President of Fox News) is a known admirer of Goebbels’s book about the propaganda techniques the Nazis used.

The most effective “big lie” is the myth of liberal media bias. Any media that does not repeat conservative lies (Benghazi) , or at least give equal weight to them (climate change denial) is branded “leaning left”. Fox then portrays itself as simply “leaning right” instead of attempting to persuade it’s viewers of a particular viewpoint using propaganda techniques. The effect of activating emotional responses  makes the power of logic and reason diminished. (if you don’t believe the emotion of anger is activated every minute on Fox, ask any devote what they think of Obama). When you add that to the ability of any conflicting facts or news to be dismissed simply the result of “liberal media bias” your most devoted Fox viewers are like members of a cult when it comes to politics.

Lets make Ted the Face of the G.O.P.

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We need to play by the same rules that the GOP does, the same tactics. We need a villain, someone to personify the delusional fanatics that have hijacked the Republican party. They want him to go away, we need to make him the face of the party. That he closely resembles McCarthy is sublime. Remember, the GOP was having some success manipulating the press into distributing the narrative of the Obama administration as “mired in scandal” with an incompetent foreign policy. Not any more. #TailGunnerTed

Counterconstitutionalism: GOP method of accomplishing their agenda through means other than winning elections.

Dear G.O.P. I Know you Love the Constitution but..


Dear G.O.P..  I know you really, really really hate the Affordable Care Act.  You even made it into a personal attack on the president when you named it “Obamacare”.  You made your case for years.  Then we had a poll, the only poll that counts, the election where you made repealing Obamacare a central theme of your platform. Too bad but you lost.

Now I know you love, love, love the Constitution. I know because you always say so.  But as you know the Affordable Care Act was  passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the president.  It was even ruled Constitutional by the Supreme Court.

The Constitution has a procedure for  overturning a law.  But since the voters did not elect your candidate, and did not give you a majority in the Senate you have not been able to get your way.  Please show me the part of the Constitution that allows you to overturn a law  in some other way.  I know it must be in the Constitution somewhere, because you would never come up with a plan to violate the constitution, right?

Who Really Wins the Budget Battle?

The plan was simple. Draw the U.S. into a long, far away war.   Bankrupt them and  bring our government down just like they did to the U.S.S.R. But the U.S. was no Soviet Union, which had a fragile economy caused by a failed economic system.   We had the ability to attack Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in a short decisive action.  with an opportunity to build a coalition due to the world’s revulsion to the 9-11.

In what will be known as one of the worst foreign policy blunders in U.S. history, George W.  Bush attacked Afghanistan without building a coalition, allowing 75% of Al-Qaeda to escape into Pakistan.   He then started a war in Iraq pulling most of our troops from Afghanistan long before the job was done.  What should have been a quick win turns into just the kind of long, drawn out quagmire 9-11 was intended provoke.

But starting the war in Iraq was a bonus that Al-Qaeda could never have hoped for.   At first the wars seemed like a good plan, the world is shown the strength of our military and our resolve to fight back. But it took three years for Bush to realize that we did not have enough troops to do the job, allowing our brave soldiers (and treasure)  to be sacrificed without a chance of success, before we finally had the “surge”.  Our mistakes allowed a civil war to develop there, and we  removed Iraq as a threat to Iran allowing it to establish great influence there.  Even a rudimentary understanding of Al-Qaeda, a group publicly dedicated to overthrowing secular, corrupt Arab leaders like Saddam Hussein, would have shown that a war in Iraq would  be a win for Al-Qaeda. The war in Iraq is now over and we know who won, Iran. The war also allowed Al-Qaeda to score a public relations victory, with nightly news coverage of the U.S. invading Muslim lands. The rest of the Al-Qaeda plan, to convince the Muslim world that it is their duty to wage war to defend their religion from the invading west could not have had better visuals.

Thankfully Al-Qaeda’s plan to bankrupt the U.S. did not succeed. But things at home were going that way. While fighting two wars (one completely unnecessary and counterproductive) , and starting a whole new unfunded  Medicare expansion (part D) the Republicans cut tax rates two times, cut capital gains taxes, and inheritance taxes.  This turned the annual surplus  of the Clinton presidency into annual deficits, funded by long term borrowing.  The total US debt was 4.5 trillion when Bush and the Republicans took office in 2000 to 10.5 trillion when he left.  Plus the the orgy of deregulation, defunding and demoralizing of our financial regulatory agencies by the Bush administration and the Republicans (and sadly more than a few Democrats) caused the worst recession since the great depression further driving the U.S. closer to the bankruptcy.

The Republicans have now  shut down our government . “Shut-er-down” is a sound that Al-Qaeda must love to hear, the sound of America brought to her knees.  But the real damage will come next, with the Republicans refusal to raise the debt ceiling. They will present their list of demands, and if they are not met they will not allow the debt ceiling to be raised.  Demands  that they could not accomplish through the legislative process, due to voters, in the only poll that counts,  denying them the Presidency and control of the Senate.  The failure to raise the debt ceiling will cause the U.S. to default on our debt.  Al-Qaeda, who have lost many battles,  will have won the war with our bankruptcy.

GOPicide. Killing the economy unless their demands are met.

Corporate media bias. Real, unlike liberal media bias.

One Acre one Vote: New GOP plan to steal the election.–election.html

US Constitution Mandates Gun Regulation

14563_515082581859497_879897052_nI have been treading lightly on the gun control issue, because unlike many other G.O.P. issues, it is at least based on reality.  What I mean is that the Second Amendment to the Constitution can be interpreted as protecting gun ownership, while so many other current G.O.P. beliefs are not based on reality. “Climate change is a hoax”, “lower taxes lead to lower deficits”, and “strict austerity leads to lower deficits” are just a few of the current crop of dangerous GOP delusions.  But it occurs to me that the same sentence of the Constitution which protects gun ownership also allows, and even requires, regulation (“a well-regulated militia”). If gun owners believe that the Constitution gives them a right to bear arms, then they also must believe that sensible regulations, such as background checks, and a ban on assault weapons, are at least permissible constitutionally-speaking.  If reasonable gun owners also recognize that having a gun in the house also makes them less safe, as proved by this poster, we may be able to reduce gun violence without the GOP being able to use this as a wedge issue to drive this country apart for their partisan political gain.