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Conservative Entertainment Complex- Media that thrive by passing off biased opinions as news

Carbon Based Propaganda – Lies developed by public relations firms hired by those that get rich poisoning our children’s future.

Mittology- Nancy Pelosi on the Daily Show

Flip Flop Fast – Romney’s Rapid Response to previous FEMA statements

President Obama’s New Phrase- Romnesia

President Obama has used the phrase “Romnesia”.   This is a great development, a short, memorable, phrase that focuses attention where we want it.  Please repeat it as much as possible, make the media pay attention to Romney’s constant flip flops.

A Sign of Weakness

It may not seem like it but the G.O.P. is in trouble. The fact that they have to lie, rewrite history, and deny science to make their points is a sign of weakness, it means that the real facts prove them wrong.  As with all lairs the truth will catch up with them.  The public almost caught on at the end of the Bush administration.   I hope they do not destroy the world before they completely discredit their brand.

The Something for Nothing Party. The G.O.P. promises to cut taxes, and balance the budget. Got any more snake oil ?

Swiss Mitt and Caymans too, when 15% just won’t do: Repeat at every Obama rally until election

Pity the Rich

So the problem to Romney and the Republicans is: if you have been laid off or your job has been outsourced and you are now making minimum wage you need to pay more taxes so that your ex- boss can pay less.

Coldhearted self-centeredness is no virtue, empathy is no sin