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Dear G.O.P. I Know you Love the Constitution but..


Dear G.O.P..  I know you really, really really hate the Affordable Care Act.  You even made it into a personal attack on the president when you named it “Obamacare”.  You made your case for years.  Then we had a poll, the only poll that counts, the election where you made repealing Obamacare a central theme of your platform. Too bad but you lost.

Now I know you love, love, love the Constitution. I know because you always say so.  But as you know the Affordable Care Act was  passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the president.  It was even ruled Constitutional by the Supreme Court.

The Constitution has a procedure for  overturning a law.  But since the voters did not elect your candidate, and did not give you a majority in the Senate you have not been able to get your way.  Please show me the part of the Constitution that allows you to overturn a law  in some other way.  I know it must be in the Constitution somewhere, because you would never come up with a plan to violate the constitution, right?

Real Trickle Down Theory: using loopholes to pass millionaire’s tax liabilities down to the poor and middle class.

Flip Flop Fast – Romney’s Rapid Response to previous FEMA statements

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President Obama’s New Phrase- Romnesia

President Obama has used the phrase “Romnesia”.   This is a great development, a short, memorable, phrase that focuses attention where we want it.  Please repeat it as much as possible, make the media pay attention to Romney’s constant flip flops.

Details of Romney tax plan. LOL

Faith-based economic strategy- Romney’s belief that the simple act of his election will magically cause an economic miracle

Romneyville – Cardboard box villas under overpasses where many Americans will be living if Romney wins.

History (and current conditions in Europe)  shows that austerity turns recessions into depressions.  With the elimination of much of the social safety net the middle class will suffer greatly.

A Sign of Weakness

It may not seem like it but the G.O.P. is in trouble. The fact that they have to lie, rewrite history, and deny science to make their points is a sign of weakness, it means that the real facts prove them wrong.  As with all lairs the truth will catch up with them.  The public almost caught on at the end of the Bush administration.   I hope they do not destroy the world before they completely discredit their brand.

It is hard to win a debate when you are constrained by truth, logic and reason & Romney is not.