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Loopholes- The rich that take advantage of tax laws to pay no taxes.

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After reading this comment…

I always ask people that differ in opinion to provide one reason to vote for the current President and I have yet to receive one.

…I started asking myself how could one be so blinded by the truth, they just bury their head in the sand so that they don’t have to face the truth. Well, I have to repost an essay I wrote sometime ago outlining not just one reason to vote for President Obama but 132 researched reasons to vote for him so that ignorant Republicans won’t just lie their way and get away with it. I feel it’s also important that we share these accomplishments amongst those who have been confused and who may have been duped by the lies Republicans have been telling them.

Moreover, just watching these three speeches of First Lady Michelle Obama, Former President Clinton and President Obama from…

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Untellable Truths / Common Dreams

Graph of excuses that conservatives make when facts prove them wrong

Corpopaths: Corporations that pay no tax on profits, outsource jobs, pollute, lie, break unions and generally act like psychopaths

Knee Jerk Tax Cut – GOP answer to everything.

Imagine a new World

Imagine a new world where the Progressive movement is unified and organized. What would be our mission, strategy and tactics?