Issues for Reframing

You can submit your own issues in the “Comment” section below, but remember, the best will reflect our values.  Humor can be used.  Here are some of our suggestions for issues that need phrases: 

  • A better word to describe Republican extremists.
  • The belief that every Republican policy is right; and when presented with facts that contradict those beliefs they ignore or discredit those facts.
  • Republicans who believe that the Democratic Party is like a cancer eating away at this country, and must be destroyed regardless of cost to the surrounding tissue (our country).
  • Media that presents blatant propaganda as news.
  • The idea or people that believe that the separation between church and state is a myth.
  • The difference between the facts, and the strongly held beliefs, of some conservatives.
  • The conservatives that advocate the “Second American Revolution”.
  • The present political situation after the Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited secret funding by corporations of elections.
  • The ascending wing of the Republican Party that ridicules intellectuals.
  • People collecting Social Security, Medicare, and Veteran benefits who are also complaining are about Socialism
  • The place where corporations (defined as people by the Supreme Court) are sent when they commit a crime.
  • Republicans concern over the deficit only when Democrats are in control.
  • The false idea that unswerving Conservatives and Liberals dominate both parties (Actually, there are plenty of moderates left in the Democratic Party).
  • Tax credits for big oil.
  • The broadening of the tax base by shifting more burden to poor and middle-income taxpayers
  • Those who help create the financial crisis and were bailed out by the tax payers; taking no personal blame, while shifting the whole blame to the poor and middle class.
  • The misdirected anger of those Americans who support policies endorsed by the super rich elite; who created the financial crisis they are now experiencing.
  • The idea that government policies encouraging home ownership was the sole reason for the financial meltdown.
  • Those who believe their party is the party of God; yet mock “bleeding heart liberals”, are for the death penalty, and support preventative war.
  • Those who believe that the economy was perfect when Bush was President and that the economy only collapsed the day President Obama took office.

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