Our Values

We must use our values as the basis for all of our efforts and use the same strategy and tactics Republicans use: create short simple words and phrases that support our values and policies, and repeat them together over and over again.

These are the values that we believe in:

    Progressive values:

  • Progressives  believe in protecting the interest of all Americans: the rich, middle class and poor alike.
  • Progressives believe in working together with the opposition; for the common good.
  • Progressives believe in the Constitution, and one of it’s greatest achievements,–our government.
  • Progressives believe in passing on to our children a healthy and prosperous world.
  • Progressives believe in a strong defense applied judiciously.
  • Progressives believe in fiscal responsibility, and are willing to pay for the things we expect of our government.
  • Progressives believe we need smart, educated and well informed leaders.
  • Progressives believe in using logic and reason, backed by science in shaping policy.
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