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Revenge of the Reality-Based Community

Revenge of the Reality-Based Community


Former Florida GOP leaders say voter suppression was reason they pushed new election law: Palm beach Post

If not for Redistricting the GOP would have lost the House too

Huff Post Politics – Why Did the Republican Win the House?

Confederacy of Takers – States that receive more from the government that they pay in taxes. Dana Milbank

Conservative Entertainment Complex- Media that thrive by passing off biased opinions as news

Real Trickle Down Theory: using loopholes to pass millionaire’s tax liabilities down to the poor and middle class.

Carbon Based Propaganda – Lies developed by public relations firms hired by those that get rich poisoning our children’s future.

Mittology- Nancy Pelosi on the Daily Show

Excuses conservatives make when facts prove them wrong

President Obama’s New Phrase- Romnesia

President Obama has used the phrase “Romnesia”.   This is a great development, a short, memorable, phrase that focuses attention where we want it.  Please repeat it as much as possible, make the media pay attention to Romney’s constant flip flops.