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One Acre one Vote: New GOP plan to steal the election.–election.html


US Constitution Mandates Gun Regulation

14563_515082581859497_879897052_nI have been treading lightly on the gun control issue, because unlike many other G.O.P. issues, it is at least based on reality.  What I mean is that the Second Amendment to the Constitution can be interpreted as protecting gun ownership, while so many other current G.O.P. beliefs are not based on reality. “Climate change is a hoax”, “lower taxes lead to lower deficits”, and “strict austerity leads to lower deficits” are just a few of the current crop of dangerous GOP delusions.  But it occurs to me that the same sentence of the Constitution which protects gun ownership also allows, and even requires, regulation (“a well-regulated militia”). If gun owners believe that the Constitution gives them a right to bear arms, then they also must believe that sensible regulations, such as background checks, and a ban on assault weapons, are at least permissible constitutionally-speaking.  If reasonable gun owners also recognize that having a gun in the house also makes them less safe, as proved by this poster, we may be able to reduce gun violence without the GOP being able to use this as a wedge issue to drive this country apart for their partisan political gain.

Epistemic Closure -a distorted sense of priorities and a tendency to engage in fantasy

Epistemic Closure -a distorted sense of priorities and a tendency to engage in fantasy

Revenge of the Reality-Based Community

Revenge of the Reality-Based Community


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