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Excuses conservatives make when facts prove them wrong

Romneyville – Cardboard box villas under overpasses where many Americans will be living if Romney wins.

History (and current conditions in Europe)  shows that austerity turns recessions into depressions.  With the elimination of much of the social safety net the middle class will suffer greatly.

The Something for Nothing Party. The G.O.P. promises to cut taxes, and balance the budget. Got any more snake oil ?

Swiss Mitt and Caymans too, when 15% just won’t do: Repeat at every Obama rally until election

What do Karl Rove and Al Qaeda have in common?

What do Karl Rove and Al Qaeda have in common?  They both exploit religious believers to achieve radical political goals

Coldhearted self-centeredness is no virtue, empathy is no sin

All pretense of GOP respect for the constitution is now gone.