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The GOP Hates Obama More than they Love America

Almost causing the US to default on its debt (2011), resulting in the first ever downgrading of US bonds. Forcing the government (2013) to shut down, costing billions of dollars and 120,000 jobs (see below). And now cutting off funding of the Department of Homeland Security, when we need it the most. The GOP, blinded by the fanatical hatred of our president that is spread every minute of every day by Fox and their ilk, damages the US once again. The US voted for Obama, twice, weather Fox likes it or not. The GOP hates Obama more than they love the USA.…/impacts-and-costs-government-sh…

Lets make Ted the Face of the G.O.P.

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We need to play by the same rules that the GOP does, the same tactics. We need a villain, someone to personify the delusional fanatics that have hijacked the Republican party. They want him to go away, we need to make him the face of the party. That he closely resembles McCarthy is sublime. Remember, the GOP was having some success manipulating the press into distributing the narrative of the Obama administration as “mired in scandal” with an incompetent foreign policy. Not any more. #TailGunnerTed